Number 1 For Getting You Where You Need To Be

Our Services and Experience

Alpha Cars are the superior service you can put all your trust in for getting you to where you need to be, wherever you are based in Cambridge through to London or surrounding East Anglian towns. Our experienced customer service team respond to your call within seconds, and in a matter of moments will have determined where you need to go, your travel requirements, mileage fees, and the best place to meet you. We take the time to listen to your own preferences and needs, as we believe a taxi service should not just be about getting you to where you want to go as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also about respecting and catering to your own needs in the significant travel experience, no matter what the length of the journey or how great or humble the destination.

Values of a Taxi

We know that the primary value of the taxi is that it is heavily relied upon for urgent situations or spontaneous decisions. At Alpha Cars, our supreme priority is to take you to your destination, however unplanned or overdue the journey may be. This is why we have the best systems in place for evaluating which of our drivers and cab locations are most convenient for you, and in the majority of cases will leave you waiting for no longer than ten minutes for one of our shining cars to greet you, all ready to take you away. Each of our drivers is by nature an excellent people person and by talent a good service provider. They are friendly and accommodating in their approach to making you feel comfortable, confident and content in your journey.

Safety Within the Business

Though we pride ourselves on being there the moment you need us, this does in no way mean we are hurried either when it comes to answering your questions to make sure you’re well informed with peace of mind, or when it comes to taking you to your destination. Our advisers take joy in connecting with our customers to discuss anything from fees to routes to vehicle requirements because we believe that as a taxi service we should put a particularly high value on trust and transparency. Safety is naturally a significant part of all this when you are going anywhere outside your home in an enclosed vehicle. Our drivers take dignity in their duty to deliver you and themselves with care and responsibility through the roads. With Alpha Cars, you never have to worry about being driven around like you are simply another task to be delivered. You will receive the most human, professional, and caring taxi service. After all, as our name speaks, we take things with pride, not for granted.

What We Can do for You

We understand that there is nothing that feels so powerless as when the mobility you that you need isn’t granted. This is why we’re available every hour of the day and night, when all buses and trains have stopped, without exception.