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The Top 3 Summer Holidays For 2019

Looking For An Impulsive Day Out

Summer is fast approaching and its time to make sure you have an incredible summer holiday ready and booked. We have compiled some of the top places to go on holiday this year. Our choices are:


  • Bali
  • Canada
  • Australia


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Bali, Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has stunning landscapes and an incredible culture where you can learn about soul healing and try delicious Indonesian foods.

Take some time to island hop to get the full Bali experience. There are so many natural wonders in Bali including volcanoes, animals, waterfalls and Bali is also home to many sacred temples.

After you’ve explored the islands, head down to the beach, catch a wave and learn how to surf. The surf in South East Asia is one of the best. With big waves and calm weather, you can be sure to catch some good waves.


If you’re looking for a calm, fun and beautiful holiday, then Canada is for you. This country is able to maintain its beauty all year round. In the summer, take a hike through the glorious mountain ranges and go canoeing across the lakes to take in the magnificent views. Niagra Falls is a very popular destination, where you can see the massive 99 metres (326 ft.) waterfall.

If you’re heading to Canada in winter, there is still plenty to do. The temperature is significantly lower than in summer, however, this opens up the opportunity to head to the mountains and practice your skiing/snowboarding. See the snow glisten from the top of the mountain, visit frozen lakes and try out the delicious Canadian foods.


Head down under for a very warm summer holiday. Australia is a fantastic place to work on your tan, as well as, see some incredible views and meet some amazing people and animals. In Sydney, check out the famous Sydney Opera House, go snorkelling with the turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. You could even go to some of Australia’s national parks where they proudly show off all its natural beauty.


Make sure that you are ready for this summer holiday because it is going to be great! Don’t forget to arrange your airport transfer in Cambridge for a safe, prompt and reliable drive to the airport for your adventures to begin.


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