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Top 10 Winter Breaks

Top 10 Winter Breaks

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it’s not too late to plan a festive trip. Maybe it’s for one day or for several, there’s always somewhere incredible to go. If you’re planning a holiday out of the country then, airport transfers in Cambridge will be able to help. They will safely get you to the airport in time to enjoy your festive break.


Niagara Falls, Canada

Canada is a hidden beauty. There are many areas to visit and explore such as Niagara Falls. This waterfall is a magnificent asset to both Canada and New York as it sits on the border between the two. Due to the location of Niagara Falls, it allows you to spend time in Canada and then move over to New York afterwards. This will offer you two holidays in one.

At Christmas Niagara Falls is also home to the Winter Festival of Lights. This festival will be sure to dazzle your Christmas as the lights spiral through 8km of the Niagara park.  


Lapland, Finland

Lapland is one of the most magical places to go at Christmas. If you have young children, take them to see Santa in Lapland to truly bring their Christmas spirit to life. Take a visit to see Santa’s reindeers and ride through the forests while being surrounded by a fresh layer of snow glistening in the sunlight.

If you’re not looking to go for a long period of time, then you can go for a day trip. Take your family or loved one out for the day to Lapland to get into the Christmas spirit.

Lapland is another one of the lucky countries to be home to the Northern Lights. If you plan to go at the right time, you may be able to make your Christmas unforgettable with the beauty of the magical lights.


Reykjavik, Iceland

If you’re looking for a white Christmas, Iceland is the place to be. It is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Being home to the Blue Lagoon, Geysers, Hot Springs, Glaciers and is also one of the fortunate countries home to the Northern Lights.

Visiting Iceland will leave you with some beautiful memories that you can cherish. When you’re visiting Iceland, there are so many places to visit. Take tours around glaciers or go snorkelling in the crystal clear sea. Afterwards, you could take a wander around the national park and then relax in the Blue Lagoon.

It is almost guaranteed that you will have a white Christmas in Iceland and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing through the sky.


Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg in Austria has about five plus Christmas markets each offering something different; guaranteeing that you will find the perfect presents for your family and friends. Once you’ve done all your shopping, sit back and relax in one of their many spas with the spectacular view of mountains.

While you’re in Austria, fill the trip with entertainment and exhilaration by making the most of their skiing slopes.


Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country with a map of historical events behind it. If you’re planning on going to Hungary, consider visiting Budapest. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest has a lot to offer. At Christmas time they have excellent Christmas markets that attract tourists from all over. The markets involve food and wine tasting, concerts, tours and so much more.

Once you’ve indulged in the magical Christmas markets, delve into the history of the country. Some fascinating and educational places to visit are the Hero’s Square, Gellert Hill and Statue and the Holocaust Memorial Center.


Tromsø, Norway

Up in the arctic circle is the stunning Tromsø, Norway. If you are looking for a white Christmas, it can be guaranteed that Norway will offer that. During winter, the northern lights are a spectacular sight to see in Norway. Being in the Northern hemisphere, Norway a has a front row seat to the incredible natural display. If you’re looking for a magical getaway this Christmas, Norway may be the place for you. Airport taxi in Cambridge will get you to the airport without a hassle and within in plenty of time to witness the beauty of Norway.


New York City, USA

New York City is quite a magical place. It has a morale/vibe that attracts tourists to it all year round. Whether it’s the scenery or the atmosphere of the city, it constantly attracts people. In the summer the entire city is glazed over with the warm glow of the sun. While in the winter, it’s wrapped up in a thick coat of fluffy snow.

At Christmas, the city is lit up even more than normal with dazzling 30m trees lighting up the city with festivity. Each year there’s an ice skating rink outside of Rockefeller Centre where you can enjoy the company of those in your life and make memories to last forever. Alongside this you could take a walk in Central Park, enjoying the view and the scenery around you.  


Moscow, Russia

Russia is home to some beautiful places. If you plan the trip right, you will be able to spend both Christmas and New Year’s in Moscow. Moscow has one of the biggest New Years Festivals in the world. Planning a trip to Moscow around this time of year will offer you fantastic memories as you experience an incredibly white Christmas, along with one of the best New Year’s festivals in the world.


Paris, France

Every country is absolutely beautiful; however, there is something about Paris that just attracts people. There are many attractions to Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Pont des Arts bridge or even Disneyland. From the UK, getting to Paris isn’t overly pricey which makes it all the more desirable during the festive season. Along with Paris’ amazing landmarks, at Christmas, it has some lovely Christmas markets.

Vail, Colorado

Everyone’s Christmas traditions are different and unique to each person/family. Some like to stay at home while others like to get away and explore with their families each year. Vail in Colorado is an excellent place to go skiing. Their mountain ranges are a beautiful sight and make for an incredible skiing course.

If you’re looking for a truly classic white Christmas, then Vail may be for you. Vail is a beautiful place where you can do a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor. Often it’s just nice to get away and go somewhere peaceful. Christmas is a good time to wind-down and relax, therefore, hiking in Vail will allow you the opportunity to be one with nature and forget about all of your day-to-day stresses.

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