Flying Cars

As roads cleared away the forests and green land, cars have always preferred creatures of the blue sky. For their ambitions are cloud-level when it comes to providing the most heavenly riding experience on wheels, the various car manufacturers infinitely competitive in building the most advanced machine for taking you where you want in daily life. In fact, the desire for cars to conquer the gravity that binds the rest of the natural world, and soars in speed and power, is so clearly inspired by the liberal spirit of birds that a flock-sized handful has dedicated their nominal identity to avian species:

Smooth as a Skylark

The Buick Skylark, as though breathed into life by the skylark who glides smoothly across the sky, has a similarly fanned-out, flattened, aerodynamic appearance, particularly its convertible versions which ensure a smooth and breezy riding experience.

The Fierce Falcon

Having the stretched-out, dynamic, and powerful look of a falcon in flight, the original Ford Falcon was from the very beginning advertised to be like a competitive bird-of-prey, with direct referencing to how it compared better to other compact cars for the consumer in aspects including speed, practicality, and affordability.

Sweet Little Cygnet

Baby swans, cygnets, are like adorable, precious balls of fluffy silver floating through glassy rivers, as opposed to sharp-eyed birds of prey zooming across the sky. The Aston Martin Cygnet was born out of affection for these particularly majestic birds as its snug; compact form has a treasurable appearance with its small size and platinum hues. Like a little cygnet in the river, this tiny car has the image of being toy-like and fun, while maintaining a cute and valuable look.

Ruffled Roadrunner

The long-tailed, stretchy-limbed clearly inspired the speedy Plymouth Roadrunner, roadrunner bird which is as well as flying, is an exceptionally fast runner on the land. The Plymouth Roadrunner is also famous for its classic ‘beep-beep’ horn that can make people as ruffled as the roadrunner’s tuft.

Fantastical Firebird

The Firebird is a legendary bird of fire, which is spectacular, beautiful and ethereal like a dance of flames. It seems Pontiac was compelled to give this bird a place in reality, for the Pontiac Firebird has an unusual, fanciful appearance with its flame-shaped bumpers and hue of either pure burned black or vibrant fiery red.

Rustic Robin

The Reliant Robin was originally a small, plump, tawny-rust coloured three-wheel car. It had an incredibly cute and classic look, timelessly adorable, resembling a chubby robin sitting patiently on its little legs – always a unique yet comforting sight. The Reliant Robin was a city car that brought a sense of heart-warming rusticity wherever it went.

Eager Eagle

The AMC Eagle resembles a golden eagle with its gorgeous bronzed caramel hues and its sleek, ready-to-dive look. Its appearance might remind one of the covers of a 70’s adventure novel for it is full of a refreshing tenacity and was designed to vamp up confidence in handling and ride.