Honeybees & Rainbows

The black and yellow associations we commonly make with taxis are one of the most striking colour combinations and allow the sight of a taxi to sweeten our day by quickly alerting us it’s here to get us to our destination as good as bees locate their honey. However, rainbows can also take us to our pot of gold. Internationally, taxis of all colours whizz around the globe joyfully, brightening the streets and uplifting people’s days by making their lives that bit easier.

Rolling Rubies

Red is the most common taxi colour in Hong Kong. As red is also the colour of the country’s national flag, this reflects the significance of the taxi as service for the citizens of a country. Bold red taxis buzzing through fast-paced streets matches the vibrant country of Hong Kong perfectly. Red was also once a main taxi colour in Italy, and its shade was the authentic pizza-tomato red that Italy evokes, as its taxis drove through the delicious streets of the country.

Sun on the Streets

Oman’s taxis have sunshine-orange side panels and are white in the middle, conjuring the blissful image of mango and vanilla ice-lollies. They are a sweet and refreshing sight on the roads of the warm, golden country, travelling as joyfully as light itself.

Banana Shaped Smiles

Yellow is the world’s most common taxi colour. Every day, thousands of yellow cabs bring smiles to people everywhere when they know they’ve got the means to get home safely or get to wherever they need to be. As the brightest colour, yellow makes the good taxi unmissable to catch.

The Grass is Greener on the Road Side

Most of Mexico’s taxis are the bright green of ‘go’ traffic lights, perhaps symbolising that taxis are always ready to take you when all others have halted. In the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville’s taxis look as lovely as mints with their teal-tinged green and delicate white stripes. They never fail to provide a relieving coolness on the roads.

Blue Like the Breeze

Indonesia’s Jakarta taxis are the bright blue of a summer sky, a peaceful and uplifting sight as they swim through the streets, ready to fulfil your travel needs with ease. Blue is the most communicative colour, which on a taxicab is particularly approachable and welcoming.

Purple Panache

Azerbaijan’s taxis wear a gorgeous simmering plum. They clearly chose to stand out with style as purple is the complementary opposite of the classic yellow, and also an uncommon car colour. While purple makes taxis, therefore, more recognisable against other cars on the road, its depth maintains a smartness and sophistication that flatters the taxi business.

Embracing the Spectrum

Thailand’s cheerful Bangkok taxis come in every colour of the rainbow but are not as random as the next car. Instead, the cabs are usually duo-toned, one colour on the upper half, another on the lower half. These combinations include lemon and lime, chilli and ice, and mango and papaya.