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Organising a Corporate Event

Organising A Corporate Event

Organising a corporate event can be very stressful if you have no experience in doing it. Here is a basic guide to help you organise a corporate event for your colleagues. If you need a taxi service to get you to the event then, corporate taxi in Cambridge will ensure that you get there on time and have a comfortable journey.


Who’s Going

One of the main parts of a corporate event is understanding how many people will be attending. If only a few people can make it, then it isn’t worth organising. Ask around the office to see what dates people are available or have the event during a working day to ensure that everyone in the office can make it.

When you’ve understood how many people are available you will be able to start planning the event.


What You’ll Be Doing

Think about what you and your employees would like to do for the corporate event. Doing this will mean that people will be more inclined to go if the event is something they like/enjoying doing. To work out what people want to do you could send out an office email requesting suggestions, or you could make it a surprise to entice employees into wondering what it may be.


Where it Will Be

Once you have an idea of what you will be doing and how many people will be attending, you can then start to look at where the event will be held. There are many venues across the country for a range of activities including team building exercises and fun corporate activities. Bear in mind a budget when booking to make sure you don’t spend too much money on the event.  


How You Will Get There

Getting to the event may be a challenge because, with a corporate event, all the employees will need to get there. Having them drive there individually will be stressful if the destination is a while away from the office. An easy option would be to use a taxi service, this way employees can stay together, and the journey will be more enjoyable too. Taxi service in Cambridge offers a professional and trusted service to get you to your corporate event on time.  

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5 Corporate Events You Will Need A Taxi Service For

5 Corporate Events You Will Need A Taxi Service For

Corporate events are either serious or a bit of fun. Conferences need to be taken seriously and dealt with most professionally. However, the office Christmas party is a time for you to relax and have fun. Corporate taxi in Cambridge wants to ensure that you get to your corporate event in the safest way possible without any hassle or delay.


Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is what gets most people through the year. It’s a time when everyone comes together and relaxes. There’s a positive morale and a sense of warmth and festivity. A Christmas party lowers the barrier of hierarchy and enables a stress-free atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves with the joy of Christmas.     


Team Building Days

Team building exercises are a good way to engage your staff with each other and take them out of the office environment. Doing team building activities builds a stronger relationship between employees and enables them to understand how they can work together more cooperatively and improve their standard of work. These exercises could be something such as an escape room. Or take your employees to an adventure centre such as Go Ape.        



Business conferences are popular and important business events. They determine certain corporate decisions that affect the business. Conferences often require one of the parties to travel either to the other’s office or both parties to meet at an impartial area. Our professional taxi service in Cambridge will give you a stress-free journey and get you to your destination in plenty of time.           


Networking Events

Networking helps businesses to reach out and connect with other companies. It is used as a personal marketing event to allow companies to build up their contacts and make their business stronger.     


Business Dinners

Companies tend to have large dinners to celebrate the end of the fiscal year. This enables employees to feel relaxed and appreciated for all their hard work. It’s essential to ensure that your employees feel appreciated as if they don’t they may not put as much effort into their work and start making mistakes.     


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