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Don’t Ruin Your Holiday Before It Starts

Airport Taxi Cambridge

No one enjoys getting stuck in traffic when driving, arriving somewhere late or getting lost, confused and not sure which turn to take.

All these things are really stressful and when that is the way you start your holiday, you are suddenly running the risk of ruining it before it’s properly begun.

Airports are not easy to navigate around, they are always really busy and with rush hour traffic nearby, it becomes increasingly stressful. When you use the services of an airport taxi in Cambridge, you are being collected from your doorstep. Your taxi driver has driven passengers to the airport numerous times and knows how long it will take, traffic red spots and where to go at the airport; thus, taking all that stress away for you.

Booking an airport taxi in Cambridge will make the experience much easier and you won’t start your holiday stressed or worried about the return journey from the airport to your home. Knowing that you can sit back and relax in the hands of an experienced airport taxi driver from Cambridge will ease your mind for the best holiday ever.

Some airlines have their own designated airport taxi areas and your taxi driver will know these inside and out, allowing you to be dropped off at the right terminal feeling relaxed and safe. All you will need to do is walk through the doors, check what number your check-in is and you’re away. It really is as easy as that.

On your return, your airport taxi from Cambridge will be waiting for you to come through with your name written on a board clearly; you’ll look and feel like a VIP with your name proudly displayed, and that is exactly the feeling you should have after your holiday when you choose to use Alpha Cars for your airport taxi in Cambridge.

While you may be concerned at the cost of an airport taxi service you’ll quickly see that the cost of petrol to the airport and back and the cost of parking at the airport will all be avoided by hiring an airport taxi. Plus, you know that your car is safe at home in your garage, so you don’t need to add extra worry about the safety of your car in that airport car park.

The benefits of using an airport taxi service are clear to see, but perhaps the biggest benefit of an airport taxi for some of our passengers is that they haven’t got to spend time getting to the car park on their return or spend ages sitting in the traffic on the way home. With a taxi company, you can sleep in the car and avoid all that traffic mayhem.

By booking an airport taxi you are able to start your holiday much sooner and that holiday mood and spring in your step will last much longer too. Call us now to book your airport taxi in Cambridge.

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Top 10 Winter Breaks

Top 10 Winter Breaks

With Christmas getting closer and closer, it’s not too late to plan a festive trip. Maybe it’s for one day or for several, there’s always somewhere incredible to go. If you’re planning a holiday out of the country then, airport transfers in Cambridge will be able to help. They will safely get you to the airport in time to enjoy your festive break.


Niagara Falls, Canada

Canada is a hidden beauty. There are many areas to visit and explore such as Niagara Falls. This waterfall is a magnificent asset to both Canada and New York as it sits on the border between the two. Due to the location of Niagara Falls, it allows you to spend time in Canada and then move over to New York afterwards. This will offer you two holidays in one.

At Christmas Niagara Falls is also home to the Winter Festival of Lights. This festival will be sure to dazzle your Christmas as the lights spiral through 8km of the Niagara park.  


Lapland, Finland

Lapland is one of the most magical places to go at Christmas. If you have young children, take them to see Santa in Lapland to truly bring their Christmas spirit to life. Take a visit to see Santa’s reindeers and ride through the forests while being surrounded by a fresh layer of snow glistening in the sunlight.

If you’re not looking to go for a long period of time, then you can go for a day trip. Take your family or loved one out for the day to Lapland to get into the Christmas spirit.

Lapland is another one of the lucky countries to be home to the Northern Lights. If you plan to go at the right time, you may be able to make your Christmas unforgettable with the beauty of the magical lights.


Reykjavik, Iceland

If you’re looking for a white Christmas, Iceland is the place to be. It is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Being home to the Blue Lagoon, Geysers, Hot Springs, Glaciers and is also one of the fortunate countries home to the Northern Lights.

Visiting Iceland will leave you with some beautiful memories that you can cherish. When you’re visiting Iceland, there are so many places to visit. Take tours around glaciers or go snorkelling in the crystal clear sea. Afterwards, you could take a wander around the national park and then relax in the Blue Lagoon.

It is almost guaranteed that you will have a white Christmas in Iceland and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing through the sky.


Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg in Austria has about five plus Christmas markets each offering something different; guaranteeing that you will find the perfect presents for your family and friends. Once you’ve done all your shopping, sit back and relax in one of their many spas with the spectacular view of mountains.

While you’re in Austria, fill the trip with entertainment and exhilaration by making the most of their skiing slopes.


Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country with a map of historical events behind it. If you’re planning on going to Hungary, consider visiting Budapest. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest has a lot to offer. At Christmas time they have excellent Christmas markets that attract tourists from all over. The markets involve food and wine tasting, concerts, tours and so much more.

Once you’ve indulged in the magical Christmas markets, delve into the history of the country. Some fascinating and educational places to visit are the Hero’s Square, Gellert Hill and Statue and the Holocaust Memorial Center.


Tromsø, Norway

Up in the arctic circle is the stunning Tromsø, Norway. If you are looking for a white Christmas, it can be guaranteed that Norway will offer that. During winter, the northern lights are a spectacular sight to see in Norway. Being in the Northern hemisphere, Norway a has a front row seat to the incredible natural display. If you’re looking for a magical getaway this Christmas, Norway may be the place for you. Airport taxi in Cambridge will get you to the airport without a hassle and within in plenty of time to witness the beauty of Norway.


New York City, USA

New York City is quite a magical place. It has a morale/vibe that attracts tourists to it all year round. Whether it’s the scenery or the atmosphere of the city, it constantly attracts people. In the summer the entire city is glazed over with the warm glow of the sun. While in the winter, it’s wrapped up in a thick coat of fluffy snow.

At Christmas, the city is lit up even more than normal with dazzling 30m trees lighting up the city with festivity. Each year there’s an ice skating rink outside of Rockefeller Centre where you can enjoy the company of those in your life and make memories to last forever. Alongside this you could take a walk in Central Park, enjoying the view and the scenery around you.  


Moscow, Russia

Russia is home to some beautiful places. If you plan the trip right, you will be able to spend both Christmas and New Year’s in Moscow. Moscow has one of the biggest New Years Festivals in the world. Planning a trip to Moscow around this time of year will offer you fantastic memories as you experience an incredibly white Christmas, along with one of the best New Year’s festivals in the world.


Paris, France

Every country is absolutely beautiful; however, there is something about Paris that just attracts people. There are many attractions to Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Pont des Arts bridge or even Disneyland. From the UK, getting to Paris isn’t overly pricey which makes it all the more desirable during the festive season. Along with Paris’ amazing landmarks, at Christmas, it has some lovely Christmas markets.

Vail, Colorado

Everyone’s Christmas traditions are different and unique to each person/family. Some like to stay at home while others like to get away and explore with their families each year. Vail in Colorado is an excellent place to go skiing. Their mountain ranges are a beautiful sight and make for an incredible skiing course.

If you’re looking for a truly classic white Christmas, then Vail may be for you. Vail is a beautiful place where you can do a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor. Often it’s just nice to get away and go somewhere peaceful. Christmas is a good time to wind-down and relax, therefore, hiking in Vail will allow you the opportunity to be one with nature and forget about all of your day-to-day stresses.

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Organising a Corporate Event

Organising A Corporate Event

Organising a corporate event can be very stressful if you have no experience in doing it. Here is a basic guide to help you organise a corporate event for your colleagues. If you need a taxi service to get you to the event then, corporate taxi in Cambridge will ensure that you get there on time and have a comfortable journey.


Who’s Going

One of the main parts of a corporate event is understanding how many people will be attending. If only a few people can make it, then it isn’t worth organising. Ask around the office to see what dates people are available or have the event during a working day to ensure that everyone in the office can make it.

When you’ve understood how many people are available you will be able to start planning the event.


What You’ll Be Doing

Think about what you and your employees would like to do for the corporate event. Doing this will mean that people will be more inclined to go if the event is something they like/enjoying doing. To work out what people want to do you could send out an office email requesting suggestions, or you could make it a surprise to entice employees into wondering what it may be.


Where it Will Be

Once you have an idea of what you will be doing and how many people will be attending, you can then start to look at where the event will be held. There are many venues across the country for a range of activities including team building exercises and fun corporate activities. Bear in mind a budget when booking to make sure you don’t spend too much money on the event.  


How You Will Get There

Getting to the event may be a challenge because, with a corporate event, all the employees will need to get there. Having them drive there individually will be stressful if the destination is a while away from the office. An easy option would be to use a taxi service, this way employees can stay together, and the journey will be more enjoyable too. Taxi service in Cambridge offers a professional and trusted service to get you to your corporate event on time.  


What To Look For In A Taxi Company

What To Look For In A Taxi Company

Taxis are incredibly useful and very beneficial to us. In certain situations, they are essential, such as a night out or an airport transfer.

Private taxi in Cambridge has friendly, professional drivers who are reliable and polite. Whenever you are in need of a taxi, they’ll be there!


Operating Hours

Most taxi services operate on a 24/7 basis; however, this isn’t generic across all taxi companies. Therefore, make sure you know the times at which the company you use operates. The more hours a day they work, the more reliable they tend to be. You will feel comforted knowing you can always call for a taxi.


Services Offered

Not all taxi companies offer the same services. Be sure to read up on what they will offer before you choose one. Some taxis will provide corporate travel, short trips or airport transfers. These services are more desirable and are something to look for in a taxi company. Should you need to get to the airport, then, airport transfers in Cambridge will safely get you to the airport early for your flight.


Quality of the Vehicle

Do your research into each taxi company, read the reviews and understand which may be the best company for you. No matter where you’re going, you want the transport to be comfortable. An uncomfortable vehicle will lead to an unpleasant journey.

If you’re on a corporate trip, the taxi will need to be presentable and appear professional to maintain the standard and reputation of the business. Alongside this, the quality of the vehicle will also be represented in the reliability of it.


Types of Vehicles

We use taxis for all sorts of events! Events such as family days out, girls/guys night out, corporate trips or airport transfers. Each activity will require a vehicle and depending on the size of the party, will depend on the size of the car. Most taxi companies will range their vehicles from a standard 5-person car to an 8-person people carrier. Some companies may even offer larger vehicles. It’s important you know how big the taxi companies vehicles are as it will decipher which company you should use.

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Looking For an Impulsive Day Out?

Looking For An Impulsive Day Out

Sometimes we all just get the urge to be impulsive. Don’t ignore this, listen to what your brain is telling you and go out and have a fun day! There are so many things you can do, and there’s so much to explore. A taxi company in Cambridge will offer you professional and comfortable transport to wherever your impulsive day takes you.


Spa Day

Everyone deserves to relax now and then; take a day off and chill out with a mate! Allow your mind to breathe giving your body the opportunity to wind down. Life can get overwhelming so don’t forget to give yourself a break. Have a massage, a facial and then cool off in the pool.  


Go To The Zoo

The zoo is always one of the most exciting days out. As you go through those zoo gates, it’s like venturing into another world. A world filled with some of the most amazing animals! Come face-to-face with lions and watch the penguins enjoy their dinner.



Feeling magical? Take a day trip to Disneyland Paris! Where you’ll find the most magical kingdom, you could ever imagine. Dress up like a prince or princess and release your inner child in the best adventure of your life. Airport taxi in Cambridge will transport you directly to the airport allowing you to have a magical experience from the start!


Pottery Class

Want to find the inner artist in you? Take a pottery class or go to a kiln. Take your best mate and learn how to make pots and vases. Have a hilarious experience learning how to spin clay and throw it onto a spinning wheel. If you managed to make something, have a therapeutic session painting your creation in a kiln to then display at home.


Beach Trip

Walk on the beach with a loved one feeling the sand between your toes and the fresh sea breeze against your face! The peaceful sound of the waves crashing will allow you to relax. Build sandcastles and finish off with fish and chips on the quay with an ice cream.

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Why Should you Use a Corporate Taxi Company?

Why Should You Use A Corporate Taxi Company

Taxis are often the best way to travel as it eliminates the stress of having to find somewhere to park. Alongside this, it often saves time compared to using public transport. All you need to do is phone them to book a taxi rather than having to pre-order train or bus tickets. Corporate taxi in Cambridge will offer you a safe and professional journey.



Corporate taxis are well presented and won’t tarnish the appearance of your business. Their professionalism means they’ll be polite, respectful and on time. You’ll be provided with a sense of safety and reliability knowing the drivers are experienced and professional. This offering you a pleasant and relaxed journey.



One of the main concerns of getting a taxi is whether it will get you to where you need to be on time. A corporate taxi will understand the importance of a business meeting and will ensure that you get to your destination on time, if not, early! To further ensure this, the taxi will also pick you up at the appropriate time.  



Business events can be quite stressful; therefore, you want your transport to be as comfortable as possible to relax you a bit more. The comfort of the transport will provide you with the opportunity to ease your mind and feel more optimistic about the event.



Having a friendly taxi driver makes you feel more relaxed and respected when they make conversation with you. Corporate taxis will ensure that you get the most out of your experience with them by providing an enjoyable journey and good conversation.   


Available All Hours

Often your job may require you to go somewhere very early in the morning. Naturally, at early hours of the morning we are very tired, therefore, if you are needed to drive it would be very unsafe. Thankfully most taxi services work all hours of the day on a 24/7 basis. We are one of them! Our taxi company in Cambridge are available at all hours for business, and we will get you to your destination safely.


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Make The Most Of Your Summer Holiday

Make The Most Of Your Summer Holiday

You are only limited by your imagination! Don’t bore yourself at home this summer holiday, grab your best friend and go on an adventure. A taxi company in Cambridge will safely get you to your destination for you to have the adventure of a lifetime!  


Train Station

Trains go all over the country and can take you to some beautiful places filled with sun, sea and culture. Have a day trip to the beach, soak up the sun and relax with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.



Airport transfers in Cambridge will take you directly to the airport getting you there in plenty of time for your flight. Have a well-deserved break from work and a stress-free week by unwinding under the tropical sun with a loved one.


The Eurostar

Escape the country and experience Europe in the sun. Go on a romantic trip to Paris or have a short getaway to Brussels. You could even take a week off work and go interrailing. Visit lots of different places in Europe, visiting landmarks and learning about the history.


Holiday Site

The UK is filled with thousands of holiday sites just waiting for you to go and enjoy the time away. Pack your things and take your family on a fun-filled holiday in the United Kingdom! Our taxi service will ensure that you have a smooth and peaceful drive to your holiday.


Private Party

Is your social calendar filled up this summer? As a result, do you find yourself in need of a lift to some parties? A private taxi in Cambridge will ensure that you get to your party safely without any issue to assure that you enjoy your night.


Theme Park/Resort

Looking for a fun weekend away? Or even a relaxing escape? Treat yourself to a getaway at a theme park or a holiday resort. Fill your weekend with adventure at an adrenaline filled theme park or take a quiet weekend to yourself at a spa retreat in the woods.

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Reasons To Get A Taxi To An Airport

Reasons To Get A Taxi To An Airport

The holiday season is finally here; it’s time to relax and forget about work worries! Reduce any holiday stresses and use an airport taxi in Cambridge to get you to the airport safely and in plenty of time for your flight. With friendly drivers and luxury cars, you’ll feel like your holiday is starting early!


You’ll Regret Driving Yourself

Driving to the airport yourself may seem like a good idea as it may be easier and you’ll have the comfort of your car when you return. However, driving to the airport is risky. It’s not always certain that you will get a car parking space which can cause a huge problem. Despite the vast amounts of security measures such as cameras, security patrols and high fencing, cars can still get broken into or even stolen.

Less Hassle

Taking a taxi will ease your mind while you’re on holiday. Your car can stay safely on your driveway awaiting your return. From leaving your car at home, it will mean that you won’t have the stress of having to look after your car keys while you’re on holiday. You also won’t have to organise parking in the airport; you can just turn up, check-in and fly away. If you’re travelling for business purposes, then a corporate taxi in Cambridge will offer you professional and organised travel.



Getting a taxi is a much safer option than driving yourself. Taking your car will seem more practical however it is also more dangerous. After a flight, in particular, long flights, you will be exhausted which lowers your reaction times and your cognitive functions. Driving in this state of mind is exceptionally dangerous and can result in accidents.


More Space

Taxis tend to be larger vehicles with vast amounts of room in the boot. This will allow there to be more space for you, your family and all of your luggage. The extra room will make you feel less squashed and on top of each other, allowing you to relax into holiday mode.



Driving your car to the airport may seem like the cheaper option as you don’t necessarily see where you’re spending money. Fuel costs quite a bit of money and driving to an airport can use up a significant amount of your fuel probably requiring you to fill up a least once during the journey. There are further costs related to driving your car as you will have to pay for a parking space which is very expensive. For a week of parking, it will cost you a minimum of around £80. Taxis are significantly cheaper!

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5 Corporate Events You Will Need A Taxi Service For

5 Corporate Events You Will Need A Taxi Service For

Corporate events are either serious or a bit of fun. Conferences need to be taken seriously and dealt with most professionally. However, the office Christmas party is a time for you to relax and have fun. Corporate taxi in Cambridge wants to ensure that you get to your corporate event in the safest way possible without any hassle or delay.


Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is what gets most people through the year. It’s a time when everyone comes together and relaxes. There’s a positive morale and a sense of warmth and festivity. A Christmas party lowers the barrier of hierarchy and enables a stress-free atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves with the joy of Christmas.     


Team Building Days

Team building exercises are a good way to engage your staff with each other and take them out of the office environment. Doing team building activities builds a stronger relationship between employees and enables them to understand how they can work together more cooperatively and improve their standard of work. These exercises could be something such as an escape room. Or take your employees to an adventure centre such as Go Ape.        



Business conferences are popular and important business events. They determine certain corporate decisions that affect the business. Conferences often require one of the parties to travel either to the other’s office or both parties to meet at an impartial area. Our professional taxi service in Cambridge will give you a stress-free journey and get you to your destination in plenty of time.           


Networking Events

Networking helps businesses to reach out and connect with other companies. It is used as a personal marketing event to allow companies to build up their contacts and make their business stronger.     


Business Dinners

Companies tend to have large dinners to celebrate the end of the fiscal year. This enables employees to feel relaxed and appreciated for all their hard work. It’s essential to ensure that your employees feel appreciated as if they don’t they may not put as much effort into their work and start making mistakes.     


Need a private hire in Cambridge? Our professional and friendly taxi service can help! We offer a comfortable journey with a reliable and helpful team.     

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Top 5 Holiday Destinations

Top 5 Holiday Destinations

There is so much to explore in the world. Use our taxi company in Cambridge to get yourself to an airport and escape to another country!
Feel a warm glaze of the sun on your skin and smell the fresh scent of the sea. Enjoy the view and take in your surroundings.
Everyone’s opinion of the best holiday destinations varies, however, these are the best mix of culture and relaxation.

Rome, Italy

Italy is famous for its beautiful and historical Colosseum. This is the largest amphitheatre that has ever been built and was built in 70-80AD. The Colosseum was home to some of the most traditional games, such as Chariot Racing and Gladiatorial Games, known as munera.
While in Italy, take a trip to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower was built as a freestanding bell tower for the Cathedral of Pisa. It has eight floors with all seven bells being on the eighth floor.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is home to some of the most spectacular natural events in the world. The Northern Lights being one of these. The lights are a collision between the electrically charged particles emitted from the sun that enters the earth’s atmosphere, producing an extravagant view of colourful, dancing lights across the sky.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world reaching an incredible height of 828m with 163 floors. On the 148th floor, there is an outdoor observation deck, which is also the tallest in the world. After seeing the sights, top up your tan on one of the many beaches with the view of the beautiful sail-like construction of the Burj Al Arab hotel.

Beijing, China

The Great Wall of China is an extremely long wall that was built to fend off attacks from northern invaders. The wall stretches for an unbelievable 21,196 km (13,171 mi).

Into sport? Take a wander round the Beijing Olympic Park, home to the Olympics in 2008.

Sydney, Australia

Spend the day at the Sydney Opera House learning about its history and seeing its remarkable construction. The Opera House hosts over 40 performances each week, catering to everyone’s needs, whether it be through dance, music or circus acts. Afterwards, go for a swim off the coast of Sydney surrounded by picturesque beaches and stunning, peaceful views.

If you’re in need of a holiday and a break from work, get in touch with an airport taxi in Cambridge to get you on a stress-free holiday without any hassle.