Planning & Using Corporate Travel

5 Corporate Events You Will Need A Taxi Service For

Organising travel can be quite stressful, especially for a corporate event. The best way to avoid the stress of arranging it is to ensure that you are using a reliable and professional corporate travel in Cambridge service.

Finding A Reliable Service

Reliability is imperative when looking for corporate travel. If your travel solution isn’t reliable it can cause all sorts of problems – some that may affect your professionalism. Unreliable services lead to tardiness. For a corporate event, being late is a very bad impression to make, so it is important that you choose a service that is guaranteed to get you to your destination on time.

Ensuring Great Customer Service

Using a corporate travel service offers you more than just a generic taxi driver. You will be able to build a rapport, allowing the service to fully understand your needs and requirements. Great customer service is essential, and with corporate travel in Cambridge, you are guaranteed to recieve this.

Environmentally Friendly

With more and more cars on the road, it is starting to have an effect on our environment. Most taxi services use hybrid cars to reduce emissions when constantly driving around. When you are looking for a corporate travel service be sure to check what sort of cars they use. This will not only help the environment, but it will make the business you are representing look good too.


Take a look at some customer reviews of the taxi service just to make sure that they provide a 5-star service. The reviews of a taxi service can say a lot about them and we want to make sure you get the very best. Alpha Cars are dedicated to providing a premium service to all of its customers and have only been given positive reviews.


If you are looking for corporate travel in Cambridge, then get in touch with Alpha Cars today.

Top Tips For Using Airport Transfer Taxis

Corporate Taxi Cambridge

Getting to the airport can be a stressful task, Do you drive? Do you get the train? Do you get a lift? Do you get a taxi? It’s a question that needs a lot of thought to ensure that you are making the best decision for you. Airport transfers in Cambridge are a well-known company with a high reputation for providing an excellent taxi service. Solve your travel problems with airport transfers in Cambridge.

Ask For A Quote

Before booking your airport taxi, make sure you ask for a fixed quote. Occasionally, companies will change their prices which leads to an inaccurate representation of what you’ll be spending. Obtaining a fixed quote will allow you to finalise plans and start to relax about your holiday – knowing everything is sorted.


It is incredibly helpful to inform the taxi service of the specific details of your flight. This is so that the taxi company knows which terminal points to drop you off at and at what times. The important information we will need to know is:

  • Collection Time
  • Date
  • Pick Up Address
  • If You Want A Return
  • Destination
  • Number of Passengers

Finding Your Driver

If you are using a return service then it’s likely you are going to have a different driver to the one that dropped you off. As a result of this, it makes it a little more challenging to know which driver is for you on your return. A well-known solution to this is for your driver to hold up a sign with your name on it. This allows for a quick and easy pickup and getaway.

Keep Your Phone On

Your mobile is a great way for us to get in touch with you just in case something happens. Keeping in touch will help us enable your journey to be far less stressful and much more enjoyable.


Feedback is incredibly appreciated and helps us, help you. Whether your experience was good or bad, letting us know your feedback will help us become a better service. We strive to offer the best, most professional and friendly service to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

Enjoy The Service

For many people, they start their holiday as soon as they leave the house. With Alpha Cars, as soon as the car pulls up, you will find yourself on blissfully relaxed in a fully valeted car. There’s no need to worry about timings as your driver will have arrived in plenty of time to get you to the airport and make your way through check-in and customs, with time spare for your flight.


If you are interested in using a taxi service to get you to the airport, get in touch with airport transfers in Cambridge now. A member of the team will answer all your questions and advise accordingly.

Christmas in Cambridge

Taxi Cambridge

Christmas in Cambridge

For many of us, Christmas is a very magical time of year. So, why not make the most of the festivities this year with some amazing days out in Cambridge. Maybe even take a small trip to the Austria or Prague for their beautiful Christmas markets. Airport transfers Cambridge will get you to the airport with plenty of time spare for your flight.


Cambridge is well-known for its shopping. With almost every shop you can think of lying in the centre of the city, you certainly won’t be stuck for Christmas present ideas this Christmas.

Take the day off work and enjoy yourself. Get your friends together and spend the day getting lost in the city and having a nice lunch with a stunning view.

Ice Skating

There is nothing more festive than ice skating at Christmas. Glide across the rink with your nearest and dearest while the twinkly lights shine above you. Contact taxis in Cambridge for a safe, reliable and comfortable journey to the best Christmas ice skating.

Santas Grotto

Take the family to see Santa at his grotto. Watch your children’s faces light up and they see their happiest dreams come to life and if they’re on the nice list, they might even get a special present from the man himself.

Scenic Walk

Explore the rural parts of Cambridge and wander through the stunning fields and forests. Get a sense of calm during this busy period by surrounding yourself with the wildlife and beautiful views. Leave your phone behind and enjoy the company of those around you.


If you are looking for a taxi in Cambridge, then get in touch with us today. We offer a premium service that allows you to feel comfortable and at ease and we drive you to your Christmas adventure.

Great Family Days Out In Cambridgeshire

What To Look For In A Taxi Company

There are so many great family days out in Cambridgeshire, whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there will always be a great family day out to excite and interest children of all ages (even the big kids!). We have put together some of our favourite family days out in Cambridgeshire;

Hamerton Zoo – Sawtry, Huntingdon

Hamerton is like a local secret; it’s a fantastic zoo with tigers, monkeys, birds, donkeys, alpacas, meerkats, wallabies and many more animals. There is a large play area for the children with picnic areas throughout the park where you can sit and relax while the kids let off some steam. The coffee shop has a selection of food and drinks and there is a reasonably priced gift shop where you can treat the kids to a memorable gift to remember the day. The only downside to this great day out is that it cannot be accessed by public transport, mainly because nobody wants a tiger to be their next door neighbour! But you can get a taxi in Cambridgeshire to take you right to the door.

Sacrewell Farm – Thornhaugh, Peterborough

This is a charming little place that is ideal for younger children. You and your children will get the chance to get up close and personal with lambs, donkeys, sheep and other farmyard animals. You can cheer on the lambs in their race, follow your duck down the stream in the duck race, check out the Wildlife Trail and the old mill house before hitting the Activity Barn where the kids can run wild in the large soft play area. Similarly to Hamerton Zoo, this can be a tricky place to access by public transport, so if you don’t have a car then a taxi in Cambridgeshire would be recommended.

Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard – Wimblington, March

You’ll need comfortable walking shoes for this great fun day out where you can spend hours getting lost in the maize maze that covers over 12 acres of land. There are loads of activities at Skylark too, including pig racing, giant inflatable slides, an interactive tractor ride with water guns, zip wire, obstacle course and loads more. If you don’t have a car then you use the number 56 bus which will take you to Wimblington and it is a short walk from the bus stop.

The Imperial War Museum – Duxford

This is a wonderful, fun and educational day out for the whole family, even the grandparents; everyone will get a real feel for what life was really like during the war and there are various displays and exhibitions at different times throughout the year, meaning that no to visits will ever be the same. The Imperial War Museum has a large collection of tanks, military vehicles, artillery, and two RAF Type 2 hangers to explore. There is ample free parking at the museum, or you can get on the Royston – Whittlesford Parkway train which will bring you out near the museum.


As we said, there are loads of things to do in Cambridgeshire with lots of great days out on offer; these are just some of our favourites. What is your favourite day out in Cambridgeshire?

Best Summer Party Holiday Destinations in Europe

Airport Sunset

If you’re ready sun, sand and partying then this is a must-read article for you; we have picked out some of the best nightlife areas across Europe that are ideal for that summer party! Whether you’re looking to party all night and sleep all day, go out clubbing in the evening and relax in the sun during the day or rave til dawn and do the culture stuff by day – we know the right places for you.

We’ve been offering the service of a taxi in Cambridge for many years and have taken hundreds of party-hungry tourists to the airport for their summer holidays and when our taxi in Cambridge picks them up from the airport to take them home again we get to hear all about it – so we think we are pretty well placed to tell you where to go for your dream summer party holiday.


Ibiza is one of the most famous and well-known clubbing destinations attracting A-list DJs from all over the world and if you’re looking to be in the centre of the Ibiza nightlife you need to look at staying in San Antonio, however nearby areas in Ibiza allow you to party hard at night, but stay on the outside so you can still enjoy a calm and quite escape to the sunshine.


Zante is a really vibrant party town that offers you the mix of an Ibiza-style nightlife, but if you stay in the area of Laganas then you match this with some turtle-spotting and scuba diving as well as exploring the hidden coves and caves along the gorgeous shoreline of the island. Laganas has a neon-lit avenue of over 50 vibrant venues to enjoy and will have something to suit all tastes in alcohol and music.


Staying in Kavos, the party capital of Corfu is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the opportunity to party 24-7. Ministry of Sound and Cream will often take over the area for special club nights and huge raves and you’ll be able to dance the night away before taking in the amazing sunset on the beach before heading off to bed. There are great water sports, bungee jumping and cage catapulting for daytime activities so you won’t be bored with anything to do any time of the night or day.

Ayia Napa

This area is known as one of Europes original clubbing destinations and is just as popular now as it always has been. There are karaoke bars, foam parties, beach bars and buzzing nightclubs to keep you busy day and night and there are loads of themed bars too; including a Flintstones Bedrock Inn, a Wild West restaurant and Pirates Inn when you’re served by pirates!


When you are going on a party summer holiday with a bunch of friends, the last thing you want to worry about is who will be driving to the airport and who will be driving you home so why not book a taxi in Cambridge so that stress is dealt with; allowing you to start and finish your summer party holiday in complete happiness and enjoyment.