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The Top 3 Summer Holidays For 2019

Looking For An Impulsive Day Out

Summer is fast approaching and its time to make sure you have an incredible summer holiday ready and booked. We have compiled some of the top places to go on holiday this year. Our choices are:


  • Bali
  • Canada
  • Australia


To make sure you get to the airport on time, we recommend airport transfers in Cambridge. An airport transfer will get you to the airport within plenty of time to check-in and get on your flight.


Bali, Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has stunning landscapes and an incredible culture where you can learn about soul healing and try delicious Indonesian foods.

Take some time to island hop to get the full Bali experience. There are so many natural wonders in Bali including volcanoes, animals, waterfalls and Bali is also home to many sacred temples.

After you’ve explored the islands, head down to the beach, catch a wave and learn how to surf. The surf in South East Asia is one of the best. With big waves and calm weather, you can be sure to catch some good waves.


If you’re looking for a calm, fun and beautiful holiday, then Canada is for you. This country is able to maintain its beauty all year round. In the summer, take a hike through the glorious mountain ranges and go canoeing across the lakes to take in the magnificent views. Niagra Falls is a very popular destination, where you can see the massive 99 metres (326 ft.) waterfall.

If you’re heading to Canada in winter, there is still plenty to do. The temperature is significantly lower than in summer, however, this opens up the opportunity to head to the mountains and practice your skiing/snowboarding. See the snow glisten from the top of the mountain, visit frozen lakes and try out the delicious Canadian foods.


Head down under for a very warm summer holiday. Australia is a fantastic place to work on your tan, as well as, see some incredible views and meet some amazing people and animals. In Sydney, check out the famous Sydney Opera House, go snorkelling with the turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. You could even go to some of Australia’s national parks where they proudly show off all its natural beauty.


Make sure that you are ready for this summer holiday because it is going to be great! Don’t forget to arrange your airport transfer in Cambridge for a safe, prompt and reliable drive to the airport for your adventures to begin.



What To Look For In A Taxi Company

What To Look For In A Taxi Company

Taxis are incredibly useful and very beneficial to us. In certain situations, they are essential, such as a night out or an airport transfer.

Private taxi in Cambridge has friendly, professional drivers who are reliable and polite. Whenever you are in need of a taxi, they’ll be there!


Operating Hours

Most taxi services operate on a 24/7 basis; however, this isn’t generic across all taxi companies. Therefore, make sure you know the times at which the company you use operates. The more hours a day they work, the more reliable they tend to be. You will feel comforted knowing you can always call for a taxi.


Services Offered

Not all taxi companies offer the same services. Be sure to read up on what they will offer before you choose one. Some taxis will provide corporate travel, short trips or airport transfers. These services are more desirable and are something to look for in a taxi company. Should you need to get to the airport, then, airport transfers in Cambridge will safely get you to the airport early for your flight.


Quality of the Vehicle

Do your research into each taxi company, read the reviews and understand which may be the best company for you. No matter where you’re going, you want the transport to be comfortable. An uncomfortable vehicle will lead to an unpleasant journey.

If you’re on a corporate trip, the taxi will need to be presentable and appear professional to maintain the standard and reputation of the business. Alongside this, the quality of the vehicle will also be represented in the reliability of it.


Types of Vehicles

We use taxis for all sorts of events! Events such as family days out, girls/guys night out, corporate trips or airport transfers. Each activity will require a vehicle and depending on the size of the party, will depend on the size of the car. Most taxi companies will range their vehicles from a standard 5-person car to an 8-person people carrier. Some companies may even offer larger vehicles. It’s important you know how big the taxi companies vehicles are as it will decipher which company you should use.

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Why Should you Use a Corporate Taxi Company?

Why Should You Use A Corporate Taxi Company

Taxis are often the best way to travel as it eliminates the stress of having to find somewhere to park. Alongside this, it often saves time compared to using public transport. All you need to do is phone them to book a taxi rather than having to pre-order train or bus tickets. Corporate taxi in Cambridge will offer you a safe and professional journey.



Corporate taxis are well presented and won’t tarnish the appearance of your business. Their professionalism means they’ll be polite, respectful and on time. You’ll be provided with a sense of safety and reliability knowing the drivers are experienced and professional. This offering you a pleasant and relaxed journey.



One of the main concerns of getting a taxi is whether it will get you to where you need to be on time. A corporate taxi will understand the importance of a business meeting and will ensure that you get to your destination on time, if not, early! To further ensure this, the taxi will also pick you up at the appropriate time.  



Business events can be quite stressful; therefore, you want your transport to be as comfortable as possible to relax you a bit more. The comfort of the transport will provide you with the opportunity to ease your mind and feel more optimistic about the event.



Having a friendly taxi driver makes you feel more relaxed and respected when they make conversation with you. Corporate taxis will ensure that you get the most out of your experience with them by providing an enjoyable journey and good conversation.   


Available All Hours

Often your job may require you to go somewhere very early in the morning. Naturally, at early hours of the morning we are very tired, therefore, if you are needed to drive it would be very unsafe. Thankfully most taxi services work all hours of the day on a 24/7 basis. We are one of them! Our taxi company in Cambridge are available at all hours for business, and we will get you to your destination safely.


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Reasons To Get A Taxi To An Airport

Reasons To Get A Taxi To An Airport

The holiday season is finally here; it’s time to relax and forget about work worries! Reduce any holiday stresses and use an airport taxi in Cambridge to get you to the airport safely and in plenty of time for your flight. With friendly drivers and luxury cars, you’ll feel like your holiday is starting early!


You’ll Regret Driving Yourself

Driving to the airport yourself may seem like a good idea as it may be easier and you’ll have the comfort of your car when you return. However, driving to the airport is risky. It’s not always certain that you will get a car parking space which can cause a huge problem. Despite the vast amounts of security measures such as cameras, security patrols and high fencing, cars can still get broken into or even stolen.

Less Hassle

Taking a taxi will ease your mind while you’re on holiday. Your car can stay safely on your driveway awaiting your return. From leaving your car at home, it will mean that you won’t have the stress of having to look after your car keys while you’re on holiday. You also won’t have to organise parking in the airport; you can just turn up, check-in and fly away. If you’re travelling for business purposes, then a corporate taxi in Cambridge will offer you professional and organised travel.



Getting a taxi is a much safer option than driving yourself. Taking your car will seem more practical however it is also more dangerous. After a flight, in particular, long flights, you will be exhausted which lowers your reaction times and your cognitive functions. Driving in this state of mind is exceptionally dangerous and can result in accidents.


More Space

Taxis tend to be larger vehicles with vast amounts of room in the boot. This will allow there to be more space for you, your family and all of your luggage. The extra room will make you feel less squashed and on top of each other, allowing you to relax into holiday mode.



Driving your car to the airport may seem like the cheaper option as you don’t necessarily see where you’re spending money. Fuel costs quite a bit of money and driving to an airport can use up a significant amount of your fuel probably requiring you to fill up a least once during the journey. There are further costs related to driving your car as you will have to pay for a parking space which is very expensive. For a week of parking, it will cost you a minimum of around £80. Taxis are significantly cheaper!


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Alpha Cars

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Alpha Cars

Whether you are looking to take a taxi for a long journey or just a short trip to the other side of town, you’ll want a taxi that is safe, comfortable and reasonably priced. Alpha Cars are a reliable taxi service in Cambridgeshire that provides all of these and more. We always strive to go that extra mile.

1. Safe

At Alpha Cars, all of our drivers are fully CRB checked, so you will never worry that your personal safety is being compromised. We’ve all heard horror stories about how poor taxi services can be and we would like to reassure you that we take your safety as seriously as you do.

2. Local

All of our drivers, whether part-time or full-time are local to Cambridgeshire. This ensures that our drivers will be familiar with the area and will know exactly where you need to go. Not only that but our drivers will get you there on time.

3. Affordable

Our prices are highly competitive and will be fully explained to you when you book your trip. You won’t get any nasty surprises or have to shell out more money to a taxi driver that hasn’t “got any change”. Our drivers are all picked for their integrity and commitment to customer service, so when you book with us you can rest assured that our fees will be transparent and appropriate to the journey you are undertaking.

4. Reliable

We are known for our reliable Airport taxi transfers and Corporate taxi account services. Whether you are embarking on a family holiday or you need to attend a corporate event anywhere, our service is relaxing, reliable and executive. Our vehicles are installed with GPS and we use state of the art flight tracking technology that offers unrivalled accuracy in monitoring departure and arrival times in real time.

5. Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than having to travel in a vehicle that is dirty, unloved or uncomfortable. Our vehicles are comfortable and luxurious and depending on your requirements will come in 4,6 and 8 seater configurations for you and your friends or family.  We will accommodate everyone, including if you have any special requirements. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs in detail.